Monday, May 26, 2014

Let me cure your acne woes

If you're like me, you've done every possible thing to cure your acne. I've never had "ACNE", but I struggled with the giant Godzilla bumps that would appear out of nowhere and not go away for days, even weeks leaving behind what I can only describe as a red meteor on my face. After researching for a while I discovered how to clear your acne for good.

Let me start with the MYTH. The myth behind acne is that you need to attack the surface, that the trouble is on the actual skin. WRONG! Acne begins in your gut. No not your conscience, your belly! Acne is the cause of the crap you've been eating, or the good stuff that you haven't been eating enough. Let me introduce you to my little friends.

                                                    Meet Carrot Juice
This friendly vegetable is a key source to keeping your skin acne free. I eat and drink carrot juice regularly and I can promise you, it's nothing but good for your skin! 
Here is a list of Yes foods and No foods

Red grapes
Miso soup
Fish oil supplements (daily)
Maca supplements (daily)
Lemon water

(sugar includes, alcohol, candy deserts)
(dairy includes milk, cheese, anything pumped with hormones)
greasy food

If you have a hot date coming up and your face is ridden with acne try this, it WORKS.
Fruit cleanse for a few days. Nothing but fruit and water will clear out your gut. Also, get some epsom salt and pour it into a cool bath. Let the salt dissolve and let your body soak in the salty water. Applying lemon juice to your face will help clear the acne that you all ready have on your face. 

There you have it everybody. I promise this works and it has changed my skin.
I would love to hear feedback on how this diet is changing your skin.

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