Monday, June 16, 2014

Dear Sephora

I lose track of time and my credit card in the black hole that is Sephora. I go in there for just ONE item, and I always come out with more. There is something about that place that makes you want to buy everything. You think you have the right make up, but OHHH no, you need this face powder that's new and has more benefits than the one you've been using, or look at this new eyeshadow pallet, I could paint a freaking mural with it! Let's not forget the endless array of nail polishes, and lip glosses, oh how I love to gloss...Today I restrained myself and got exactly what I needed, and that was a new Clarisonic brush head, not to exciting. Yes, I stared at all the different face moisturizers knowing that my Trader Joe's one isn't the greatest, yes I sprayed myself with the Dior Perfume and yes I contemplated getting new hand cream because this girl can't get enough hand cream let me tell you.

Here are some things I own and some that I want to own:

 Sweet Jesus this is my favorite lipgloss ever. It will plump your lips and give you the right amount of shine, Dolly is my favorite color. I have two. I've also had nightmares of people stealing my lipgloss. Yes, I'm seeing a professional about this.

 I've been a fan of this lovely tinted moisturizer for a few years. It's pretty great at giving me decent coverage and it has SPF which is a must. LM is great for olive skin tones such as myself.

 I love gel eyeliner. I don't really wear eyeliner but when I do I wear this in the color Caviar. It's long lasting and easy to apply.

Welcome to skin care HEAVEN. The Clarisonic Mia is a mean clean pimple fighting machine! This doodad makes my skin glow, keeps break outs at bay and makes my skin super smooth.

 I got the small size of this in a kit at Sephora and I don't want to go another day without this. It brightened my skin and it smells amazing. I will be purchasing this, oh yes it will be mine.

 I've finally researched what the heck BB and CC cream are, and apparently I need it. So I read the reviews on this bad boy and it seems like a miracle to your skin. 
This eyeshadow pallet makes me want to be a better person. All of the shades are so gorgeous and the pigments are bright and long lasting. I've only put this on in the store but the whole day whenever I got myself in front of a mirror, I was like WOAH THERE! That's some sassy eyeshadow.

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