Monday, June 9, 2014

I see London I see.. Oh my!

I was on my usual morning scroll through my email, when I spotted something on whowhatwear about the best looks from CFDA. I excitedly clicked on the article, and as I began looking through all the different celebrities my jaw dropped when I got Rihannas lady lumps looking right back at me. Although I am in no position to judge anyone, I don't favor looks that reveal too much, or in her case it ALL. I like women who dress in way that leaves a little mystery. This look gives the full story, ending, and sequel included. 

Let's take a look back in fashion history at other celebrities who made the cut of this edition of 


When lil Kim showed up to the MTV Music Awards with a purple pasty.

Lady Gaga with her gagas at the Grammys 

Rose McGowan at the VMAs, with her see through nightgown?

Last, but not least CHER in her video of "Turn back time". Although it's pretty astonishing how good her body looks, this outfit choice will go down in history as tasteless.  Then again, it was the 80's.

I stand firm in saying this:


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